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FreeNAS 10.2

FreeNAS Review:

 Are you looking for a backup for your data for every type of Operating System? Are you looking to install an open source tool on your computer to share the data on your computer over your computer network? Well, this is possible easily using the FreeNAS free and open source that will give you a centralized storage home for all your computer data. It is based on the principle of network data storage that is cost effective and without any license restrictions. 

 What Is FreeNAS?

 FreeNAS is a perfect file storage application that you can install to back up all important data and files in your computer, sync files over the web, share files within your network and stream music and movies. This application makes file sharing possible everywhere and you can quickly and easily share files between two different operating systems. All your entertainment related files can be stored safely in one single place and can be easily accessed by every device on your computer network from the media library. It also offers you an easy backup of all your data so that you do not have to regret it at a later date. The application offers multiple backup methods for the different types of operating systems. 

 Key Features 

 - The application offers full encryption on ZFS volumes and is the first open source project to do so. 
 - The encrypted files can only be read by FreeNAS systems that have the master key for it. This ensures that all your data is safely encrypted and protected.  
 - Snapshots of the complete file system can be taken at any time and also saved. 
 - The application can be easily accessed and managed by a web user interface. 
 - The complex administrative tasks are very much simplified by the FreeNAS so that even novice users can make use of the tool. 
 - Offers third party plugins through the PBI system from PC-BSD and FreeBSD jail system. 


 - Option to create local as well a remote backup for added security and safety. 
 - Complete and fool proof data protection using RAID-Z.
 - World-class file sharing feature and that too across all major operating systems. 

 There is no doubt that FreeNAS is a very good friend for your data that takes care of it with great file sharing, data protection and replication features. You need not worry about data losses and thefts anymore as the application will effectively monitor and manage your data every time.

Changes on the new version:
Fix bug where use of NONE cipher in replication erroneously reported an error on a successful replication.
Don't enable lz4 compression on replication by default if upgrading from a pre- release.
Multiple kernel iSCSI / CTL improvements. This includes VMWare VAAI and Microsoft ODX acceleration support, improved performance and fixes for number of bugs. Kernel iSCSI can be activated by checking the experimental target checkbox under services -> iSCSI.
Improve performance of viewing snapshots when replication tasks are set up.
FreeNAS screenshotFreeNAS screenshotFreeNAS screenshotFreeNAS screenshotFreeNAS screenshotFreeNAS screenshot

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